Sunday Brunch-Egg Popovers

Printable Recipe

I woke up mid-morning today hungry (what's new about that). A quick scan of the refrigerator contents led me to make egg pop-overs for brunch.

Here's how.

Saute some onions in a bit of butter (or Brummel and Brown like I used)

Open a can of reduced fat crescent rolls

Fry up a few slices of center cut bacon (this is my favorite kind)

Squish the crescent rolls into muffin cups (I used the jumbo size muffin tin), and poke a few holes in the bottom

Chop up the bacon, put the bacon and onions in a bowl, add some egg beaters.

How much egg...well I don't know,enough to fill up 4 jumbo muffin cups!  I'd say maybe a cup and a half.

Add some salt and pepper, mix well and pour into the cups.

I overfilled mine a bit and the ran over during a bit less full than you see  here.

Sprinkle a bit of cheese on the top, I used low-fat mozerella, use whatever you like.  I considered placing a blob of some garlic cheddar I had in the fridge in the center of each one, but decided against it, maybe next time.

I sat my muffin pan on a sheet pan, because I knew the were going to spill over due to their over-fullness... I was right!

Bake at 375 for about 35 minutes or until set.  Pop out of the muffin plans and place on a plate