Dinner 2.0

So I came home from work today, got a pork roast out of the fridge, poured some barbecue sauce on it and put it in the oven. An hour later we're ready to eat. Mmmm....bbq pork.

Except.....it tasted horrible.  We each took one bite and that's as far as we could go, I even spit mine out.  Ugh.

So, back to the fridge....

Matthew had a leftover chicken sandwich and some olives.

I had some frozen chicken nuggets and bbq chips.  And yes, that is Chic-fil-a sauce on my plate, I bring it home, I have a weakness for Chic-fil-a.

So the moral of the story is, sometimes no matter how hard you try to make a good homemade dinner, you sometimes just had to punt.

(look at me, I made a sports reference!)